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Alongside our high-quality home remodeling services, we offer exceptional commercial remodeling services for our local business owners throughout Bucks County and Mercer County. We have been the go-to general contracting company in Bucks County for over 25 years and are ready to help our local community’s businesses. Whether your storefront or office space needs an upgrade or a complex redesign project, our team is on it.  We’ll finish your new commercial remodel in a timely manner and limit any downtime to your business. 

We Are Bucks County's Premier Commercial Remodeling Company

Our team will maximize your investment and deliver the best value. Just like with our residential customers, we offer reasonable prices and prompt scheduling that works alongside your needs. When you choose MAW Construction, Inc. you get a dedicated team that makes sure your building serves you for years to come. So make sure you are not ignoring the signs that it is time for a commercial remodel and contact MAW Construction today!

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Don’t take our word for it! Let our customers do the talking for us. If you want to know why MAW Construction, Inc. is a top-ranked home and commercial remodeling company then read our reviews on Facebook and Google.

Commercial Remodeling FAQs

1) Planning – First step is to recognize why a building needs to be renovated

2) Bidding & Selection – Second, our owner makes sure the team stays on schedule and within your budget. Additionally, he will help you in any product selection needed for the project.

3) Budgeting – Next, together we will create a preliminary budget. Then we will revise after making specific plans with us and other design professionals (whether they are ours or your own).

4) Design your remodel – Then, we will work with architect, designer, or other professionals to figure out what you envision the space to look like when it is completed.

5) Obtain permits – After step 4, we will assist you in obtaining permits. Depending on your renovation there could be various permits or surveys necessary. These need to be retrieved prior to beginning your project

6) Prepare and purchase materials – Following that, we will guide you to get ready for construction. This is where we will also select materials for your project.

7) Once the design, planning, permits, and materials are ready, the project is scheduled and the demolition begins!

8) After the demolition is complete, then the construction begins!

9) Meanwhile, during and after the construction is completed, our team will clean up the place.

10) Finally, we add the finishing touches and your commercial remodel is completed!

As with any remodeling project, you want to get your dream office, restaurant, or business space and make it a reality. First, knowing your square feet, building permissions, and functionality of your space will be vital in making your ideas possible.

Popular and trendy commercial remodeling ideas usually include open spaces, bright colors, comfortable furniture, top-of-the-line conferencing, collaboration space, ergonomics, and health or fitness options.

Our designers at MAW Construction, Inc. can help you create the perfect commercial space for your business whether its an office, a restaurant, or a store. Give us a call today for a free consultation and estimate!

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