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Signs that it is time for a Commercial Remodel

Turn your building into something amazing with a commercial remodel!

Perhaps your company or organization has been in the same building for years, or maybe you’ve just bought a building that used to be something else – but something just isn’t quite right. With everything that goes into running a business, the appearance of your building may not always be on the top of your list. So how do you know that its time for a commercial remodel? We here at MAW Construction, Inc. are here to help! Let us go over some signs that it is time for a remodel for various commercial properties such as offices, restaurants, educational facilities, and retail stores.

Signs your office needs remodeling

Corporate offices are always busy with activity. Employees rush to their work over the carpeted floors. As time has gone by perhaps your company has gotten bigger and bigger so the office feels smaller than it used to. Time wears down all things but what tells you its time for a commercial remodel and not just a simple sprucing up?

Signs Your Office Needs Remodeling
Its hard to be productive in an office that is bland and cramped!
  • If the countertops, carpets, and walls are worn out. Scuffs, dullness, and damage are clear signs that its time for something new.
  • That the office feeling small wasn’t just in your head. It is hard for anyone to be productive when the is so little room to work in.
  • Your once organized office is now a bit chaotic. Disorganization is a monstrous problem for offices and can be caused by a lack of space or spacial planning that is no longer effective.
  • Employees and visitors don’t feel positive about being in the office. It is a proven fact that the lighting, colors, and aesthetics of the space can greatly affect the mood of anyone that’s in it.
  • If everything seems to be broken or breaking. Equipment doesn’t last forever unfortunately and over time it’s natural for corporations to have to update them.

Remodeling is an opportunity to take your company to the next level of productivity. Changing the look of your office can improve the mood of your employees and make a positive impression on guests. Both of which impact the brand in a great way. Being able to reorganize the office to be less cramped and more productive will make running the corporation easier for everyone. Many problems can be solved by investing in a good commercial remodeling project.

Signs your restaurant needs remodeling

The look of your restaurant is one of the biggest factors that customers use to determine if they will stay and eat there or find somewhere else. The restaurant needs to be inviting, clean, and attractive, much like a flower attracting a bee, to bring in hungry customers. No one will get to know if your food is delicious if your building doesn’t grab their attention and earn their trust right away. So here are some signs that it is time for a commercial remodel of your restaurant.

Commercial Remodel Resturaunt
Don't let your restaurant look like something from Kitchen Nightmares! Get a commercial remodel today!

Remodeling your restaurant is an investment towards an even better business. Take the opportunity to take your restaurant to the next level, impress your customers, and increase the efficiency of your staff with a perfectly planned and professionally done commercial remodel!

  • The staff isn’t working as efficiently as they could be. Perhaps the building is cramped, or maybe its the layout of the kitchen or dining room floor that makes it harder on your staff than it needs to be. How the entire business is organized is vital to having a successful restaurant.
  • When furniture looks dated, shabby, or uncomfortable. This contributes to the inviting, trustworthy, and attractive quality of your restaurant. No customer will want to stay and eat if the furniture seems uncared for – it makes them think about what else could be not cared for.
  • If you are changing the branding of the restaurant, then a remodel is sure to follow. If you are taking the business in a different direction then it won’t make sense to keep the now out-of-date style and equipment. The building and its contents need to work with your staff and business model, not against it.
  • The kitchen and bathroom fixtures are in poor condition. Your cooks can’t cook if the kitchen can’t either, so making sure your kitchen has good equipment and an efficient layout is vital to a successful restaurant. Bathrooms may seem like an afterthought compared to the food but if the bathroom isn’t attended to then not only do you turn away repeat customers but also put to question how sanitary your business is.
  • Temperature problems are a strong sign that its time for a commercial remodel. This means fixtures, the building, and other aspects need some attention. Kitchens and dining rooms can get hot and without proper temperature control then you can tire out your staff and turn away customers.

Signs your Academic Facility needs remodeling

Schools or other educational facilities need to change with the times and local population. As busy centers of learning, it’s easy for the academic building to get worn out. Places like the library, campus grounds, study rooms, classrooms, bathrooms, and cafeterias are common spots to focus on for remodeling since they get the heaviest use for most facilities.

commercial remodeling academic
Its difficult to teach or learn in a crowded classroom.
  • The building, the fixtures, and appliances seem to need constant repair. This is a classic sign that its time for an update. It benefits your teachers, staff, and student to fix this problem with a remodel.
  • Your student population has outgrown the school’s space. Your classrooms may be too small, can’t seat enough students or there may not be enough classrooms to hold lessons. As your student body grows, so does your school need to grow to accommodate their need for education at your facility.
  • There is a lack of storage. Schools and other academic facilities need a lot of supplies to keep running and thus also need a place to keep those supplies. If your finding there never seems to be enough space to hold supplies then it’s probably time to remodel.

Remodeling your educational facility can not only get students excited to be in your school but also improve the workday of your teachers and staff. You want potential students or donors to be impressed that you are truly providing the best, and a remodel is vital to proving that.

Signs your Retail Store needs remodeling

Similar to a restaurant, a store needs to attract customers and invite them to come in and peruse. If you want customers to spend money at your store then not only does your merchandise have to be good but so does the building itself. Here are some signs your retail building is ready for a commercial remodel.

store remodeling
Your fitting rooms should match the branding and quality of your products.

Your retail space is apart of your branding. Good branding means making a good impression which for stores means that the sale space has to be inviting. You may have great products but if your store doesn’t match then it’s unlikely you’ll get customers. A professionally done commercial remodel can be just the solution you need to take your store to new heights.

  • The store is hard to navigate. Especially in the modern day of the customer getting products quickly and conveniently, a store that impedes this instant gratification is going to struggle. Remodeling and reorganizing can solve this problem and make your store appeal to those customers who want to shop fast and for those who may like to linger.
  • If the retail space isn’t large enough to hold the amount of merchandise. It’s natural to want to show off everything your retail company has to offer but it can be hard to do that with a cramped store that simply can’t hold the merchandise you have for sale. You could aim to get a bigger building or you can remodel the space you have to make room for all the products you want to sell.
  • When the dressing rooms, cash registers, and store floor look shabby. No customer likes to go to the dressing room, bathroom, or to the register have it look run-down. Your store has to match the quality of the products it holds or the customers will shop somewhere else.
  • Bathroom fixtures continuously break or are hard to sanitize. Bathrooms tell customers a lot about where they are shopping. Is this a place that cares? Is this a place that is clean? Is this a place that holds itself highly? A dirty or broken bathroom tells them no. A remodeled one tell them yes.

In conclusion, sometimes a remodel is simply necessary if you want your commercial business to thrive. Your space and how it looks and functions can great effect visitors and employees alike. So if you find that your ready for a remodel be sure to call MAW Construction, Inc. Estimates and Consultations are free!

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