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At MAW Construction, Inc. we work with many manufacturers to ensure that you are purchasing and installing quality windows and doors! Thus, you’ll have beautiful energy-efficient installations that will meet your style. Additionally, we will meet your budget, timetable and specifications.

A home improvement project is an investment. Moreover, it takes a lot of time and thought to make the right choice! We help you select your doors and/or windows. Then we will place your order for you and install them as well. Furthermore we will keep you informed every step of the way. Our team strives to make the whole process smooth and easy as possible. Choose your style and options and let MAW Construction, Inc. do the rest!

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Don’t take our word for it! Let our customers do the talking for us! If you want to know why MAW Construction, Inc. is a top-ranked home and commercial remodeling company then read our reviews! Our reviews can be found on Facebook and Home Advisor.

Windows & Doors Installation FAQs

1) First, we initial visit to your home to discuss questions or concerns about adding or replacing the door or window features.
2) Second, we will take measurements of all the new additions that you are going to replace or add. This is  in order to provide you with an accurate quote and to ensure a custom fit.
3) Next, we will guide you in your window / door selections. Furthermore, we will discuss the different type of windows and doors available to you based on your style and budget.
4) After selections are made we will order your windows and/or doors, arrange your delivery, set your project on a schedule, obtain any necessary permits and when all of that is in the order we can start installing your new door or window!
5) Finally, we will remove your existing window or door. Following that we will install your new windows and doors. Additionally, we provide proper caulking, sealing, and capping where necessary, clean up and remove all job debris!

Our team at MAW Construction, Inc. can help you determine if you need one and also help you in getting the permit for your project. Every township is different, thus be sure to check your township’s guidelines before starting your remodeling project. Be sure to call us today if you have questions or are ready for a free consultation and estimate!

Whether replacing old windows or adding a whole new window, both projects do add value to your home! On average a window replacement has about a 74% return on investment! In fact, the more energy-efficient the new windows the better. Thus, adding new windows/doors or just replacing them can really update the look of the home and help accent it’s best parts. If you have any questions about window or door replacement or additions be sure to call MAW Construction, Inc. for a free estimate and consultation!

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