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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and many of us dream of a kitchen that is as big as our love for our families. Its no wonder why holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving find themselves centered in the kitchen. A large kitchen isn’t always possible, and having a small kitchen can make you feel like there is nothing to be done about it. Its easy to feel short on small kitchen remodel ideas, but don’t fret!

We here at MAW Construction, Inc. are here to help with tips for making the most out of a small kitchen. Having over 25 years of experience, we know a thing or two about remodeling a kitchen and want to give great advice for everyone with the small kitchen blues.

First, let’s discuss why small kitchens aren’t the bane many may see them as, because they do have some advantages that are often overlooked.

Additional marble counter space for entertaining guests

Benefits of a Small Kitchen


So you may be thinking, where do I even start? When it comes to a small kitchen it may feel like any changes are impossible and that some problems just can’t be solved. Remodeling a small kitchen is all about thinking outside the box. Here are some helpful tips to consider for your next small kitchen remodel.

Ideas for Remodeling A Small Kitchen PA

Focus on functionality first

The point to a kitchen is the ability to cook, prepare and store food. Therefore, the first thing to keep in mind is kitchen functionality and that it's preferably efficient. Make sure you have the appliances you need and in places that make sense for their use. Also consider what you'll actually need. Since you will be working with limited space you’ll want to focus on the essentials.

Small kitchen remodel ideas PA

Minimize to make more room

Embrace the minimalist style and consider getting smaller or contractible pieces that still fit your home’s style. If you’ve ever lived in an urban apartment then you’ll know how important having slimmer and more flexible elements can be. If you don’t need a bulky fridge, then consider switching to the slim-line models. That alone will give you a significant amount of space to work with and will help reduce energy costs!

Small kitchen remodel ideas

Waste no space!

It goes without saying that space is key to any small kitchen remodel. Minimizing somethings will help get more space back, however, the available space that the kitchen does have will need to be utilized to the fullest. This is where it is time to get very creative!


Simplified isn’t a bad thing and can in fact help open up the space and encourage being efficiently organized. Open storage is one way to take advantage of what space you have. Think shelving, pot racks, magnetic knife holders and spice racks – not only will it utilize limited space and help make the kitchen appear more spacious, but it’s also is a way to show off your nice dishware or shiny, professional-looking cookware. You can also get clever with cabinets such as installing a thin, sliding drawer between the spaces between appliances. It makes more a nice place to store your spices and seasoning, canned goods, as well as other kitchen necessities. Moreover, feel free be get creative! If a lack of workspace is the problem, then consider a small island or a countertop cart that hide in the closet until needed.


Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas PA

Colors make a big difference

Colors can make all the difference in how a room appears, including how spacious it appears! Lighter colors such as pastels and white reflect light which trick the eyes into thinking a room has more space than it really has. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun by adding splashes of bold or darker colors though!

Small kitchen remodel PA

Consider glass elements

Want to create the illusion of having a larger kitchen? Consider adding glass into the design! Glass being transparent and reflective makes any room appear to have more room. It contributes to the negative space. Show off your nice dishware and cookware while still keeping them safely stored away at the same time with glass-faced cabinets.

Ideas for Remodeling A Small Kitchen PA

Need more light?

Install some light under the base of cabinetry to brighten up the countertops or flooring below. Yellow light it recommended since it makes food look more appetizing!

If you have enough wall space and a good view you can also consider getting a new window installed. See our windows & doors page for more information. Nothing beats natural light in the kitchen!

Small kitchen remodel

Remember floors & backsplash!

Another way to create the illusion of room is to go with large tiles or other floor patterns. This is because large tiles have less grout lines than small tiles, thus making the floor seem larger.

Meanwhile, the backsplash is a great place to add some style and liven up the kitchen. Since a small kitchen isn’t going to have a lot of square footage that means you can probably go lavish without breaking the budget!

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot that can be done to improve it! With these tips you can make the most of your smaller kitchen and make it not only function perfect but also look amazing! While it may be small, it can still be the heart of your home and still play an important role in your family’s happy memories for years to come. If you need kitchen remodeling services remember to contact MAW Construction, Inc. today!