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Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Newtown, PA

Bathrooms are an often under appreciated part of the home. Despite it’s importance, many don’t realize the potential their bathrooms posses, especially if the bathroom is small. When you have a small bathroom, it can feel like there is nothing you can do to with it. Finding small bathroom remodeling ideas may seem futile. We here at MAW Construction, Inc. have the solutions for you! From our research and our own expertise, we have complied several small bathroom remodeling ideas into one handy page! If you have a problem with finding space, planning storage, color, lighting or designing – we have the solutions for you!

Space Saving Ideas

For Small Bathroom Remodels

The biggest complaint people have with a small bathroom is well, the limited amount of space! Fortunately there are many things that can be done to take some space back during a small bathroom remodel! See our ideas below to see how you can reclaim some room and make your small bathroom significantly more spacious.

Adding curved elements such as a vanity, shower or sink can help you reclaim some of your space. It may not seem like much but any additional space works to your advantage. Also, just think of how you’ll be less likely to bang into corners if make them round instead! The rounded edges also creates a softer look in general which can add to a nice, calming bathroom retreat.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas Curved Shower

Rather than thinking long & horizontal – start thinking tall & vertical! Use your wall space rather than your floor space to add mirrors, shelves, art, towel bars and other important elements. This will help you add everything you need without taking up much needed walking space. Floating sinks or shelves are another great way to add more space into your small bathroom. Even corners can have a cute rounded corner shelf added to hold small toiletries or decor.

Floating Shelves

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Windows are great because very few lights can match that of natural lighting. While we wouldn’t normally recommend blocking a window, there are ways to do it cleverly with a mirror that lets you have everything! If there is little room between windows you can try mini floating shelves and an accordion mirror to make a unique vanity.

Small bathroom remodeling ideas mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

You can always make room by minimizing what you can – such as appliances, decor, and storage containers. Compact versions of sinks, toilets and baths can save you a lot of room while keeping the bathroom functional. If you want to save even more room and aren’t one to use a bathtub often, then a European-style shower might be perfect for your remodel. This style of shower tends to be just a curtain, or glass door, the shower head and the drain in the floor.  When a problem of lack of space occurs its time to think that can serve two functions? What is absolutely needed and just how big does it really need to be?

Compact Bathrooms

Compact Bathroom Remodel PA

Doors on hinges, while the traditional door for the bathroom, takes up significant room to use. If your small bathroom needs more room, consider replacing your hinge door with a sliding door! Its easy to install and opens up creative options such as using the door as the mirror too! More advanced sliding doors can completely disappear and thus take up no room at all in the bathroom. This style, inspired by barn-doors, have become increasingly popular for homeowners everywhere.

Sliding Bathroom Door Ideas Barn door Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas Sliding Doors

Clever Storage

For Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Storage space is vital to having a clutter-free home! Bathrooms especially need room to hold toiletries, cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning gear, just to name a few. Question becomes how much of these things do you want to be freely seen or not. We have some storage ideas for you below!

Sometimes you just don’t want all your toiletries visible for all to see, but finding places to store them while still being organized in a small bathroom can be hard.  This is the time to get creative! Here are some clever ideas you can use in your newly remodeled bathroom to hide your storage space.

  •  If you have a floating sink, you can add a curtain to hide what you are storing underneath!
  • You can use baskets or bowls to organize, hold and hide items on your countertops or shelves.
  • Use your mirror to hide smaller things with  a recessed medicine cabinet or by having secrete shelves behind a mounted mirror!
  • You can have secrete drawers in various places such as: cabinets under the bathtub, tip-out tray under the sink, toe-kick drawers at the vanity, and more!

bathroom remodel ideas

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If you like to have all your needs easy to find or have beautiful towels you don’t mind showing off then there are plenty of storage options that keep your bathroom organized while still keeping things visible. Some clever and creative ideas include…

  • Hooks, towel bars and even a small ladder can be used to display and hold your towels.
  • Floating shelves and built-in niches are simple yet elegant ways to get organized or decorate.
  • You can add a shelf over the bathroom door for even more storage space!
  • Instead of a clunky shower caddy, consider installing a rod where you can hang your shower needs in an easily accessible way!
  • Magnetic organizers or spinning storage trays means you can fit more in what room you have in a convenient (and admittedly fun) way
  • A small rolling bar cart can be another way have all you need at your fingertips but also be able to stow it away

Small Bathroom Ideas

small bathroom remodel

Light & Color

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

How the bathroom is lit and colored will greats effect not only how it appears but also how it functions in your daily life. We need light in order to get things done and color can effect mood greatly. Read on to see our advice on how to light and paint your small bathroom remodel!

Light is vital from any bathroom! Without light how else can we get the perfect shave or apply makeup beautifully? With so little room you’ll have to plan your lights strategically. Windows and natural light are always preferred so be sure to not block your windows. Flush mounted ceiling lights are a great option as the main light since it’ll take no room away from other important features. You can also had lights to interesting areas, such as the mirror or under shelves and cabinetry. The additional lights can add even illumination through out the room (and the brighter the room the bigger it looks!)

Whats an small bathroom remodel idea that will increase the natural light AND make the room feel more spacious? A skylight! If you need more windows but have no room for one then looking towards the ceiling is your best bet. Your privacy will be kept while still letting in natural light.

bathroom remodeling bucks county

bathroom skylight

Color can greatly effect the whole feeling any room – but it especially effects how spacious your small bathroom will feel. If you want to create the illusion of space then bright lights and light colors is what you’ll want. If you want to lean into the more snug and intimate then darker colors and mood lighting is the way to go!

bathroom remodeling newtown pa

Small bathroom ideas color

Smart Design Ideas

bathroom remodeling For bucks county , PA

We all have to spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom. This is the place we take breaks, bathe the stresses of life off of us and also get ready to take on the day. Having a well decorated bathroom will make that time all the more enjoyable. Check out our small bathroom remodel ideas for styling your bathroom!

Decor, while not vital, can take a bathroom from being just a pit-stop to being a luxurious retreat! Change up your regular shower curtains into a drape-style for a sophisticated look that can also be easily tucked away when desired. Add a surprising little art gallery around the tub for a fun yet stylish look. If you are more about being natural then try adding plants! There are many plants that a low maintenance or would thrive in the bathroom setting. Depending on the plant some may even have other benefits as well such as aromatherapy, air purifying and skin cleansing!

small bathroom decor ideas

small bathroom remodel decor ideas

If you plan on using tile in your small bathroom remodel, then be sure to use the tiles to their full potential! If you bathroom as little room for decor then why not make the tiles the art? Tiles come in an almost endless selection of patterns and colors that can be used to transform a bland small bathroom into a wonderful escape. Want to create the illusion of space? Have the tile extend into the shower! Having a continuous floor helps any room look bigger.

Tile Bathroom Services PA

small bathroom remodel

Its hard to find a bathroom that doesn’t have a mirror! They are vital for getting ready for the day (or night). Additionally, they can be used to enhance your small bathroom remodel too! Even though the bathroom is small don’t be afraid to install a large mirror. They reflect light and thus creates the illusion of space! If your bathroom truly doesn’t have the room for a large mirror then try adding several smaller mirrors.

small bathroom remodel

small bathroom remodel ideas

Custom Showers

bathroom remodeling for newtown, pa

You can still achieve a luxurious look and feel despite having a small bathroom shower. Check out our small bathroom remodeling ideas below to see how you can create the perfect modestly sized but perfectly decedent custom shower!

A place to step, a place to sit or even a place to hold things – adding even a small bench area into your shower will make all the difference. You have the option to have one built in, which increases the overall look of your bathroom or have a removable bench and increase your use options. If your looking for convenient and simple ways to take your bathroom to new levels then a shower bench is a great start!

Custom Showers PA

Custom Showers with Benches

Glass is known to help make rooms seem bigger, just like windows and mirrors do. Rather than closing off the shower area and making the bathroom appear smaller, having glass doors will open up the room and look great at the same time! Best part is you won’t have to worry about cleaning or adjusting a curtain every time you use the shower.

small bathroom remodeling bucks county

bathroom remodeling newtown pa

bucks bathrooms pa

Installing a niche into your custom shower remodel is perfect for a small bathroom. Niche are a nice looking and convenient place you can store bottles and other hygiene supplies. They have even be tiled different to add a splash of visual interest. Adding these niches and floating shelves will prevent you from having to get a clunky shower caddy or having a cluttered bathing area.

Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas Custom Shower

Custom Showers Small Bathroom Remodel

small bathroom remodel ideas niches

In conclusion, all because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot that can be done to improve it! With these tips you can make the most of your smaller bathroom and make it not only function perfect but also look amazing! While it may be small, it can still your perfect spa and retreat. If you need bathroom remodeling services remember to contact MAW Construction, Inc. today!