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Kitchen Design Trends Of 2022

Top Kitchen Remodeling Trends 2022

2022 brought a myriad of exciting design trends for kitchens! Homeowners throughout Bucks, Montgomery, and Mercer County were increasingly focused on open floor plans, extended prep areas, and modernized materials. Increasingly popular is the ‘green kitchen’ concept, where appliances and fixtures are chosen from those made with environmentally-friendly materials as well as being energy efficient. Built-in features are a major component in today’s designs; refrigerators, freezers, microwaves and other appliances are being integrated into playfully subtle kitchen cabinetry formats. Updated lighting options such as LED lighting strips have become a popular choice when it comes to setting the right mood in the kitchen. With so many fresh and modern trends, 2022  and our kitchen remodeling services offered homeowners in our local community an array of styles to make their kitchens stand out!

Range Hoods Making A Statement

Range hoods have become a popular design trend in kitchen renovations, taking center stage as the focal point of the kitchen space. They offer homeowners a stylish way to elevate their remodel while bringing a sense of sophistication and luxury to the room. Range hoods come in a variety of styles, colors, and textures, giving them great versatility when customizing a kitchen. From industrial chic to rustic farmhouse style, statement hoods are sure to make a bold statement no matter what your personal aesthetic is. And with technological advances progressing in this field, many homeowners are investing in statement hoods that offer even more convenience by incorporating additional features such as cook top ventilation or smart home capabilities. No matter how you choose to incorporate it into your kitchen remodel, a range hood will be sure to turn your space into an eye-catching masterpiece.

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Modern Kitchen Remodel With Energy Efficient Appliances

Monochromatic Color Schemes

Monochromatic color schemes have seen an uptick in popularity as a kitchen design trend in the past few years. 2021 marked the first time monochromatic colors have taken center stage in recent trends, showing up everywhere from home inspiration magazines to popular lifestyle blogs discussing design philosophies. This style began with lots of shades of white, but quickly grew and now includes many other colors – all within the same palette so that everything transitions nicely together. Its allure comes from the nuance and layered look it provides; subtle gradients can be achieved, creating pieces where the light plays differently depending on where you stand without overwhelming the eye like more busy designs can do. Monochromatic colors bring a sophistication to any space while still allowing flexibility – so anyone can make their own spin on it while creating powerful visual impact in their kitchen.

Reclaimed and Recycled Materials

In 2022, reclaimed materials began to appear in kitchen designs for both residential and commercial spaces. The trend was driven by the public’s growing appreciation of eco-friendly practices that didn’t sacrifice aesthetics. Reclaimed materials bring a rustic charm to modern kitchens and allow homeowners and business owners to customize their kitchens so that they could be more sustainable while still creating unique styling. This aesthetic choice has since become increasingly popular, as design professionals want to create sturdy and beautiful pieces while emphasizing sustainability. Reclaimed materials often include wood furniture or fixtures, ceramic or porcelain tile, masonry brick veneer, architectural features such as corbels or trusses, or salvaged metals such as copper, all elevated with modern finishes that were once deemed too revolutionary for traditional palettes.

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Energy Efficient Appliances

In 2022, energy efficient appliances became a major kitchen design trend. As energy consumption skyrocketed due to population and economic growth, homeowners were looking for ways to trim costs. Energy efficient appliances deliver more bang for the buck, as they use less energy while providing the same level of performance as regular options. Additionally, with the increased awareness of climate change, many consumers desired more sustainable living options while still enjoying modern amenities like those available in kitchens. Realizing this desire and need for efficient technology, appliance manufacturers shifted their focus to green energy products. Consequently, designers had to find ways to ensure that these new pieces complimented traditional styling elements in aesthetically pleasing ways. The result was a surging popularity of energy efficient features and appliances in custom kitchens all over Bucks, Montgomery, and Mercer County!

Marble Counter Tops

In 2022, marble counter tops quickly became one of the hottest design trends in kitchen design. This natural material has an undeniable air of luxury and elegance to it. Whether used sparingly with small accents or used throughout a full kitchen layout, marble counter tops will help turn any kitchen into an exquisite work of art. With their sturdy build and easiness to clean, marble counter tops will help keep kitchens looking beautiful for years to come. Marble is also non-porous which makes it an ideal surface for any type of food preparation and is far easier to clean than other materials like wood. Not only that, but their unique patterning allows homeowners to create stunning color schemes—these counters may just be the missing piece for your dream kitchen!

A classic matching wood kitchen design with a center island

Retro Designs

In 2022, retro designs and 1950s style had become one of the most popular trends in kitchen design. This was due to a combination of factors, including nostalgia, alternative aesthetic appeal, and marketability. People had grown increasingly nostalgic for the simplicity and classic charm of 1950s style decor, which has led to its newfound popularity amongst homeowners. At the same time, many people also found retro design to be an intriguing alternative to modern concepts that have become too standardized. Finally, retailers recognized the potential profitability of these designs due to their high desirability amongst consumers. As such, retro looks soon found their way into living rooms around the world.

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